The Business Sherpas

Who are the
Business Sherpas?

We’re a challenge-oriented team — sitting on your side of the table and sharing in your success.

What Drives us Forward

  • We thrive on diagnosing problems and building solutions.
  • We’re committed to sharing the value in our experience.
  • We’re motivated by making a positive social impact.

Reaching the summit — together.

The climb is only worth it once we can all see the view from the top. For us, that means everyone has to share in the win.

Your customers

because you’re providing tangible value through quality products and unmatched services.

Your business

because investors, partners, and customers believe in your vision and trust you to deliver on it.

Our team

because we’re doing what we love, supporting and guiding clients to achieve their full potential.

Our Origin Story

Our lead Sherpa is Alex Mathai — a software engineer turned entrepreneur, then consultant who’s covered a lot of ground over his 25-year career. From startups to F20 firms, he’s applied his expert instincts and creative problem-solving to game-changing projects in finance, tech, healthcare, retail, renewables, cannabis, and blockchain.

He founded The Business Sherpas in 2017 as a vehicle to deliver more innovative, more ambitious, and more impactful work, bringing together a diverse network of professionals who share his passion for challenge and his drive to create meaningful change for every client we work with.

That’s us in a nutshell.

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