The Business Sherpas

Management Support

We think about systems holistically, not linearly — using our extensive experience to unlock new efficiencies and transform outputs, at a project or operational level.

Fractional COO

If you’re not ready for a permanent hire, but have a need for experienced operational decision-making to power growth, we can supply an on-demand or contract COO. 


  • Multi-startup founding member and hands-on C-suite experience.
  • Strategic track record of setting up and managing operational functions.
  • Moving quickly from a high-level view to needs analysis and execution.

Speak to one of our team to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll identify the perfect mix of skills, experience and engagement you’ll require from a fractional COO. 

Project Management

We provide on-demand project management and support services to drive key projects forward and ensure alignment with overall strategic and operational goals.


  • Bringing in multi-sector expertise from Fortune-500-level projects.
  • Developing, documenting, and optimizing actionable SOPs. 
  • Creating effectiveness metrics to give a single-pane project view. 

If you need additional resources or specialized expertise to manage or oversee a mission-critical project, speak to one of our team to learn how we can support you.

Guided Sprints

We’ll provide an experienced lean sprint manager on an as-needed basis to help you quickly and efficiently validate business models or product designs.


  • Accelerating product development and reducing time-to-MVP.
  • Iterating faster and making rapid progress even with minimal resources.
  • Validating incrementally to ensure market fit at each change point.

If you need direction or guidance on the most efficient way to perfect your product and ensure tight alignment with your target user, we have the expertise you need.

Need experienced management support?

“I rely on TBS to be an objective sounding board for my ideas, create sustainable business processes, and help manage my team. I trust them to give good advice and to be there when I need help. Whether it be a business strategy, project management, or even sales, TBS works right alongside me and my team to make things happen.”
– John H.