The Business Sherpas

Project Execution

When it’s time to translate your vision into action, we’ll help you access and direct the resources you need — to execute rapidly and effectively.

Brand Development

We help organizations of all sizes to create, develop and establish their brand, ensuring clarity of communication and long-lasting customer connection.


  • Helping you develop and define a unique and authentic brand identity.
  • Creating best-in-class websites, multimedia, and other cornerstone assets.
  • Maintaining your customer experience and brand perception longer-term. 

If you need help building a brand that will engage, excite and retain customers, speak to one of our team to learn how we can guide you through the process. 

Marketing Support

We assist brands in identifying and laser-targeting their core audiences — allowing them to engage more effectively with the resources and budget they have available.


  • Selecting the most effective channels to reach your target demographic.
  • Ensuring message clarity and consistency to maximize engagement.
  • Aligning and integrating communication across traditional and new media.

If you’re ready to get the message out about your product or service, but you’re worried your voice will get lost in the noise, we can help you to cut through.

Lead Generation

We help you turn attention into engagement, by advising on how to build effective lead generation and conversion models to nurture prospects and deliver sales.  


  • Developing and implementing high-level lead generation strategies. 
  • Advice on sourcing effective PPC, SEO, and SMM support and execution.
  • Building proven engagement models to increase customer retention.

If you’re struggling to build and populate your sales funnel or need to optimize your current lead generation process, speak to one of our team to learn how we can help.  

Struggling to
execute your idea?

“If I can’t do it in-house, TBS’s team of top-notch experts is there to cover the gaps. It’s why I’ve worked with them on multiple ventures and will continue to do so. I’d recommend them to any business trying to make a vision a reality.”
– Cijoy O.