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Pitch Coaching For A SolarTech Startup — Delivering A $100K Win

We worked with a solar tech startup to refine their pitch and coached them on presentation skills for a government-sponsored competition. They successfully pitched through 2 rounds to secure $100,000 in prize money.

The Challenge

Our client’s founding team was mostly technical people who had never been part of a startup before. Having never pitched, they were unsure of how to structure their deck, what data to include, and how to communicate their product in layman’s terms to reach the average investor. They were uncertain about expectations and the type of questions the panel would ask.

The Solution

We helped them rewrite their deck to be more concise while still conveying the key points of their value proposition — then ran them through some mock pitches with follow-up questions. The process helped them prepare responses that clearly communicated the value inherent in the product, and the team as a whole, to the judging panel.

The Outcome

They were able to pitch confidently and with clarity through two rounds of intense competition against other renewable energy startups — and were ultimately awarded $100,000 in prize money. “Alex provided invaluable feedback and guidance to take our pitch presentation to the next level, and we ended up winning a significant grant for our business! He was critical to honing our message and our value proposition. The proof is in the pudding, we won a huge grant and Alex helped us get there. Highly recommended! We will hire him again!”   Having felt overwhelmed and doubtful about her ability to pull this off, the founder is now feeling that this business is very doable and confident about her role. We’re on track with the product development roadmap we created and looking at a beta launch in a few months, with the full product launch due at the beginning of 2024.

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“Alex was new to the cc industry and quickly got up to speed. He worked onsite and had direct client interaction. Alex has a professional attitude and asked appropriate and challenging questions about the work streams he is involved with. He is able to take input from different stake holders and use that to adapt the project plan to make the end product more robust, adaptable and usable as well as complete the project on time. “

– Sharad D.

“TBS were proactive in thinking about ways to maximize the value of their work, doing a thorough, timely job in the process. I would be happy to engage them again.”

– Cordell H.

“Excellent feedback and insights on our proposal strategy and content.
Helped us hone our message. Will hire again!.”

– James D.